Nova Nota Albums

Nova Nota
Référence de l'album Nom de l'Album Description
NVN001 Around Bossa Nova

Chillout atmosphere. Variations on the theme of Bossa Nova. Relaxing and regenerative

NVN002 Classical Views

Classical touch with a few groovy, original and fresh accents...an alternative interpretation of classical music.

NVN003 So Much Suspense 1

Electroacoustic atmospheres. Tension and suspense themes. Lots of thrill and a few cold sweats.

NVN004 Wonderful World

An acoustic voyage across the five continents. Musical evocations that will irresistibly transport you to a wonderful world.

NVN005 Magic Piano

Pure acoustic piano. Real melodies, beautifully interpreted. Daydream, relaxation, peace, harmony.

NVN006 Travel Feelings 1

An acoustic voyage through musical evocations that will iirresistibly transport you to East and far East.

NVN007 Travel Feelings 2

An acoustic voyage through musical evocations that will iirresistibly transport you to Russia and the mediterranean

NVN008 So Much Suspense 2

Orchestral atmospheres, both classical and contemporary. Tension and suspense themes. Lots of thrills, and a few cold sweats

NVN009 Modern Moods

Itibere Zwarg. Purely acoustic.Extraordinary union of jazz and classical music, tradition, modernism, and ...futurism!

NVN010 Jazzy Views

Jazzy atmosphere, with real instruments and superb arrangements

NVN011 Rio Beijing

World music: Violon traditionnel (Erhu).

NVN012 So Tender

Thèmes tendres, plein d'émotions

NVN013 Heart Of Guitar 1

Meditations: Spare, minimalist album with acoustic guitar and a few electro touches. Halfway between classical and contemporary music.

NVN014 Heart Of Guitar 2

American style: Acoustic guitar, sometimes with subtle drums and percussions. Medium tempo and ballads, with an american flavour

NVN015 Heart Of Guitar 3

World music. Acoustic guitar, with world music accents from South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Mediterranean

NVN016 Medieval Trip

Typical music and instruments from the middle ages, with a few modern orchestrations. Mostly acoustic.