Nova Nota Albums

Nova Nota
Album Reference Album Name Description
NVN033 Scary Highlights

Here is an album for those who like a good thrill- not for the faint-hearted

NVN034 French Waves From Brazil 1

Acoustic: instrumental, Brazilian rhythms, «French touch»

NVN035 French Waves From Brazil 2

This purely SCAT and instrumental album is brimming with Verioca's charm and finesse, multi -instrumentalist and fallen in love with Brazil

NVN036 Urban Tensions

These tracks convey a tense atmosphere through a subtle mix of electro, groove and acoustic sounds

NVN037 Comic Strips

Full of ease and humour, these tracks feature various instrumentations-mostly classical- by respected Master Alfred Deville

NVN038 Acoustic Pop

Acoustic instruments, pop grooves, swing, french touch, nonchalant and playful melodies.

NVN039 Travel Feelings 3

An acoustic voyage through musical evocations that will iirresistibly transport you to India & more!!!...

NVN040 Brazilian Percussions

Joyful, captivating, lively and warm.
and powerful rhythms  with the colors of Brazil.

NVN041 Human Activity

Delicate and refined melodies , timeless travel, musical poetry.

NVN042 Human Life

Historical, fighting, sizes, royal and shiny in the "immensity of time.

NVN043 Human Nature

By the infinitely large to the infinitely small, nature, discovery, science

mysterious and strange.

NVN044 Landscapes

Music composed and produced by the Brazilian composer Carlos Bernardo. Evocation of the real and imaginary landscapes, background in world music

NVN045 Brazilian Swing

Entirely composed and produced by the great Brazilian musician Mu Carvalho. Between jazz and Brazilian music, excelent sound .. excelents musicians.

NVN046 Percussion Stories 2

Percussions with beautiful stories to tell. Very original, modern textures. Vol 2, all tracks composed by Patrick Gorce, a great french world percussions player.

NVN047 Positive Pop

Cool music, positive, mostly acoustic, with a leading of guitars and percussion instruments.